$1 Books Each Week – Scholastic Book Club – free shipping to teacher

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I was asked about this in a thread and decided to make this a post in order to help any that may not be familiar with the deal. Here are the details on how to use the Scholastic Book Club:
If your kid is school-age, you can get popular books for $1-$2 each using the Scholastic Book Club flyers. Flyers are by age and go from baby to teen with specialty flyers for Spanish-speaking, etc. Each week there is a featured $1 book, you just have to add to cart during that week. After $25 in cart you get to add a free book valued at $5 or less with code READS. For example I purchase 26 books for $25 every few months. Titles like Charlotte's Web, RL Stine books, Pete the Cat, etc. The child's classroom earns free books from your purchases too.

Ask your child's or a local teacher if they participate in the Scholastic Book Club. If yes, then you should be able to purchase books on their account and pick them up from the teacher. You can create an online account and browse here [scholastic.com]. You can get notifications on the weekly $1 book by signing up with your email address here [judynewmanatscholastic.com]. As long as you add the $1 book in your cart during the promo period (one week) you'll be able to add several before checking out to help get to the $25 for the coupon. Additionally shop the flyers based on your child's age (the first link above). Once you get to $25 in books you get one book valued $5 or less free with promo code READS.

Additional tip: if you type $1 into the search bar it will provide you with value pack deals divided by price-per-book.


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