$3 Digital Credit w/ Free No-Rush Shipping on Items / Purchases $3.01+

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Amazon [amazon.com] has upped their no-rush shipping digital credit to $3. It seems to work on purchases $3.01+. The one exception I found is on items that already have extended delivery times - these do not offer no-rush shipping.

12-pack 9-lives Cat Food [amazon.com] + $3 no rush credit - $3.90
Toot - Board Book By Leslie Patricelli [amazon.com] + $3 no rush credit - $3.99
Nature's Miracle Just for Cats Litter Box Odor Destroyer [amazon.com] + $3 no rush credit $3.32
Gorilla Super Glue Gel, 15 Gram, Clear [amazon.com] + $3 no rush credit $3.78
Simply Organic Whole Rosemary Leaf 1.23oz [amazon.com] + $3 no rush credit $3.56
Ocean Spray Cran-Energy, Cranberry Raspberry Energy Juice Drink, 10 Ounce Bottle (Pack of 6) [amazon.com] + $3 no rush credit $3.72
McCormick Gourmet Organic Chili Powder, 1.75 oz [amazon.com] +$3 no rush shipping credit

Categories (Note: If you do not see a delivery date for an item on the search results page, it is almost definitely extended delivery and is excluded - i could not filter those items out):Change my price filter to allow for lower price items (must spend $3.01+)

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