• Listerine 1-Liter Bottles .39 AR (Price may vary slightly) up to 3x $0.39 ( Expired )

    I am shocked this hasn't been posted earlier.

    Terms are specific so READ and understand before trying to game the offer
    Buy 1 liter or greater Listerine, any variety, any store by 7/13/20 and submit copy of your receipt for a $5 virtual Visa gift card. Offer is not limited as to store or price paid (for reference purposes Target sells the 1 liter base varieties for $5.39 in Dallas, TX) but you must purchase the 1-liter size or greater. Anticipating someone's forthcoming question, you CANNOT purchase two 500 ml. This offer is available to EACH HOUSEHOLD 3X, but only one $5 rebate per submitted receipt. So while you can purchase three 1-liter bottles, each purchase/receipt must be separate. Again anticipating a forthcoming question…you CANNOT buy three 1-liter bottles on one receipt and submit that same receipt three times. Within five days and receipt approval (mine was less than one day) you will receive a link to the virtual gift card.

    Here is the angle…the gift card CANNOT be used in store. While you can print it out, you can only use it at every internet, mail order, and telephone merchant everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. No ATM Access. No Cash Access. And since this is a debit card, to the extent your purchase is over $5/remaining balance on the card, you will NOT BE ABLE TO USE IT. So you will need to use this to 1) make a purchase of exactly $5 within the modes discussed or 2) make a purchase with a vendor that allows you to split payments by specifying an amount to bill to each payment form. Most vendors don't allow this, but some do. So this is likely their angle for this offer…many of these issued debit cards will go unspent/under-spent. Also, upon approval of your rebate you will receive the virtual card link. ONCE YOU CLICK ON THAT LINK YOU 'ACTIVATE' THE VIRTUAL GIFT CARD. That's starts the countdown to when you must use it by or else it expires. You will have two months from 'activation' (clicking on the first link) to utilize the card. So upon receiving the activation link you can actually wait until 9/30/20 before 'activating' to allow for more time if you don't have an intended current use.

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