• Bear Vault BV500 Bear Canister – $50.96 shipped ( Expired )

    Yes, it's a bit niche, but I've been searching on Craigslist and Offerup for a bear canister for backpacking for awhile with no luck. These are just one of those things that are hard to find used or on sale, and I was just quoted about $35 to rent one for a week long trip. Did a search yesterday and found one on sale at the link below for 59.95.

    When I went to the site, I was offered a 15% off code for signing up to the mailing list, which brought it down to 50.96... with free shipping and no tax out of state (confirmed to CA). Definitely beats the normal price of ~85 with tax!


    They have a BV450 (smaller version) priced in the mid 40s after discount/code, which I really wanted more, but it no longer qualifies for free shipping and I didn't want to look for a filler at the time.