• BofA: Use Zelle to transfer and get $10 FREE ( Expired )

    Bank of America has a new promotion, you get $10 for using Zelle to transfer


    MUST send 2 transfers by June 16, 2019 using the Bank of America App

    FYI I just sent myself a dollar twice Smilie

    TO QUALIFY for this $10 Zelle® bonus offer complete these steps on or before June 16, 2019.
    (1) Log into the Bank of America mobile app and tap 'Transfer/Send',
    (2) Click "begin set up" to enroll with Zelle. Once you have enrolled with Zelle,
    (3) SEND 2 payments using Zelle in the Bank of America mobile app on or before June 16, 2019.

    Note: Payments sent using the Zelle® app outside of the Bank of America app do not qualify. Payments received through Zelle in the Bank of America mobile app do not qualify. Request or split requests for money also do not qualify.
  • Bank of America Offer: Google Express 10% Cash Back, $14 Maximum, Targeted ( Expired )

    Bank of America [bankofamerica.com] now has 10% cash back on Google Express [google.com], up to $140 purchases. This offer works for all BoA cards, including debit cards as long as you add the offer to your BoA account. Expires 12/10/18.

    There are many good stuff on Google Express within the $140 price range, like the popular Samsung SSD's that were hot among recent SD'ers, hope this offer will make those deals even slicker.

    Edit: Based on a few data points, this offer seems to be YMMV. Good luck then!