• Toyota Insider Pricing sheet snagged out at a dealer $20000 ( Expired )

    More of "Pricing info" than a "Slick deal"


    A group of us 3 friends were shopping around for a Prius prime in the Greater Boston area.
    In the process of visiting one of the Toyota dealers, we happened to take a snap of a pricing sheet given to the salesperson (by the dealership management) for the month of December. We had to cut off the name of the dealership from the top part of the image as this wasn't officially displayed to customers - hence we wanted to stay out of any potential trouble. Please treat the Discounts mentioned below only as a piece of info in your overall Car negotiation process.

    Apparently, the prices in the sheet (snap attached) indicate the lowest the sales person is authorized to offer . Wanted to share these with everyone. Hope this is helpful to those in search of a new Toyota.Gives an idea of prices in the Greater Boston/Worcester area.

    I am guessing if one Toyota dealer is able to offer these discounts, I am pretty sure other Toyota dealers in the MA region must be able to offer similar prices/deals.

    I am pretty sure you might be able to get a bit more than the below discounts if you are a skillful negotiator. This is the pricing sheet for the salesman... Usually the Finance guy/ Manager might have a bit more leeway and you might be able to get a better discount too..
    Keep in Mind that dealers in MA tend to charge in excess of $490 for doc fees and up to $200 for registration (About $700 over the quoted prices)

    Also keep in mind - these are discounts offered at one specific dealer, the discounts could be influenced by inventory levels of a particular model, demand for specific model, general pricing among competitors in the region etc. So in case you got a better deal, please share the details in the wiki, with Model , discount and region so that it becomes easy for everyone to compare.

    HERE are the Discounts(reproduced from the attached Image):

    Camry and Camry hybrid discount with rebate -- $5000
    Corolla Discount including rebate -- $4000
    2018 Highlander discount including rebate-- $6000
    2019 Highlander discount including rebate-- $5000
    All Prius except Prius Prime Including rebate -- $5500
    Prius Prime discount including rebate -- $7500
    Rav4 LE discounts including rebate -- $5000
    Rav4 XLE discounts including rebate -- $5500
    Avalon Discount including rebate -- $5000
    Sienna Discount including rebate -- $5000
    4Runner Discount including rebate -- $4000
    2018 Tacoma Discount including rebate -- $5000
    2019 Tacoma Discount including rebate -- $4500
    Tundra Discount including rebate -- $4500
    Yaris Discount including rebate - $4000
    Sequoia Discount including rebate -- $6000
    Land Cruiser Discount including rebate -- $10000