• Marmot Softshell Jacket at Costco for $59.97. ( Expired )

    I just found this Jacket today and it looks like it was specially made for Costco.

    The name is Meadow Jacket, which doesn't exist anywhere but there.

    It looks almost identical to a Shield Jacket [marmot.com] but instead of Polartec, it has Gore-Tex like the Rom Jacket [marmot.com].

    Look wise, the only difference from the Shield Jacket is that it has a more breathable area on the side with a slight difference in color. But the composition seems to be exactly the same as the Rom.

    Here is a picture of the display at costco.97 [costco97.com]

    There weren't that many left but I found my size and color. Hope more Costcos have it at this price besides the one in Culver City.