• Cricket iPhone 6s Space Grey 32GB $100 (port in and 1 month of $30+ service required) ( Expired )

    Just came across this when I was browsing for phone deals on Cricket. Cricket is having iPhone $100 off promotion with port in and 1 month of service until Dec 2. With the promotion, you can get the iPhone 6s for $100 + cost of one month service/SIM/activation etc. I tested it out by adding everything into the cart, and my total came out to be $243. Though, I was unable to get the $100 off since my phone number is from ATT MVNO. For those who have a eligible number, I think your total should come out to be around $140.

    The deal doesn't seem to be as good as the Metro by T-mobile iPhone 6s deal, but I think each have their Pros and Cons:

    For the Metro deal:
    + For one phone, the total is $49 (phone) + $15 (activation) + $50 (one month service) = $115 + tax
    + Some people claimed the phone will automatically unlock after 6 month even when they only paid for one month of service
    - For immediately unlock, Ebay factory unlock cost $60 now (used to be like $25-$30)
    - The deal is in store only, and not every store carry the iPhone 6s
    - Only Rose Gold color is available

    For the Cricket deal
    - For one phone, the total should be around $140
    + Can be ordered online (Someone may need to double check)
    + Ebay factory unlock is a lot cheaper (only around $10)
    + Space Grey color