• RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack (PC Digital Download) $1 @ Fanatical ( Expired )

    FanaticalNote: Game activates via Steam. Sale is valid for a limited time.

    Choose and complete different scenarios accordingly to the experience and content you like. Satisfy visitors by building various attractions and facilities. Wild new rides, exciting new themes, and improved easy-to-use building tools make creating the ultimate amusement park more fun than ever!
  • Leisure Suit Larry Bundle (PC Digital Download) $1.79 @ Fanatical ( Expired )

    • Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards
    • Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places)
    • Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals
    • Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work
    • Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up Or Slip Out
    • Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail
    • Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude Uncut and Uncensored
    Note: Activates via Steam
  • Jackbox party pack 3 $11 ( Expired )

    48 hours or while stocks last- 83% of keys gone at the time of posting

    Arguably the best of the six, if you ask Reddit at all.

    FWIW, I found the general consensus of the best rated packs to be 3,5,6,4,1,2


    The say-anything sequel. Play all new questions or make your own! Quiplash is played over three rounds. In the first two rounds, players are given two prompts to supply a humorous answer, and each prompt is seen by two random players.
    Then, the prompt and the two provided answers are shown and players and the audience vote on which is funniest, with the players that provided the answers given points on how many votes they get. If they end up getting all of the votes, they get a "quiplash" and earn a bonus score.
    The final round has all players reply to the same prompt, and players subsequently select three of the answers as the funniest. The winner is the player with the most points in the end.

    A deadly quiz show where you match wits with a trivia-obsessed killer!
    Trivia Murder Party is played like any trivia game, but with a twist. The presenter asks the players a number of trivia questions and if someone gets a question wrong, they have to fight for their lives in one of the super fun mini-games.
    But if they lose the mini-game, they're 'murdered' and are out of the game. But don't worry, that isn't the end as ghosts can still win the game!
    When one player is left alive, the game goes to a final round allowing the dead to rejoin the race to the exit and to victory. Trivia Murder Party provides a 'No Writing and Drawing Mode' if players want to disable minigames with player input – this prevents players from entering anything offensive as an answer!

    The brain-battering data-mining guessing game!
    Players take turns guessing percentages regarding statements made about the general public, with the correct answers collected from internet users. Players then have to pick the percentage that they believe the most correct in regards to the statement provided, while the other players choose whether or not they think the correct answer is higher or lower than the percentage given by the player answering the question.
    If the other players think the percentage is off by 15% or more, they can choose much higher or much lower and gain double points if they are correct. Player accrue points depending on the closeness to the actual percentage and the player with the highest points at the end of the game wins.
    If the game has five or more audience members, the correct answers in the game will be based on the way your audience answers the questions, rather than the game's built-in data. It's a fun way to see how well players know their viewers.

    TEE K.O. (3-8 PLAYERS)
    The t-shirt slugfest where you battle your custom t-shirts to the death!
    Players begin in chapter one, the training round, where they use their devices to draw two drawings – these can be of anything – however, if stuck players can use the suggestion button to help them decide. Once completed, everyone enters chapter two where the audience votes on which t-shirt they think is the best, the loser leaves the game while the winner goes on to challenge other players' t-shirts until there is only one remaining.
    The game progresses over four rounds until a final winner is crowned!

    One of your friends has something to hide in this sneaky game for tricksters!
    During each round of play, all players will be sent a task to their device such as raising their hand, pointing to another player or making a strange face. However, one player will get nothing and that player is the faker – the aim is to figure out who the faker is, while the faker's aim is to blend in with everyone else.
    When the 'go' sound is heard, players must perform their action and the faker must try to blend in.
    After each round, everyone must vote on their device who they believe the faker is, if everyone votes correctly, the faker is out – if not then the game continues with everyone having three chances to catch the faker out.
    Fakin' It is the one game in The Jackbox Party Pack 3 where all players have to be in the same room. However, audience members get secret information that not all the other players have, which makes it a fun game to stream as the chat votes for who they think the faker is.

    All games support up to 10,000 audience members playing along.
    Tons of new features just for streamers, it's a digital box full of actual fun.
    Hosted on your Windows PC or Apple Mac through Steam, play using your phones, tablets, or computers – no extra controllers needed!

    NOTE: The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is in English only. This game is local multiplayer, but can be enjoyed over streams with remote players.
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  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PC Digital Download) $2.99 ( Expired )


    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition [fanatical.com] (PC Digital Download) $2.99

    All 24 previously available DLC extensions have been integrated into the game, including the story-extending episode Year of the Snake and the horror-themed Nightmare in North Point. Alongside a wealth of new technological, audio and visual improvements, Hong Kong has never felt so alive.
  • Kingslayer Bundle 2 (PCDD): Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-, GRID, Duke Nukem Forever + 2 DLCs, Expeditions: Viking, Party Hard 2 + DLC $4.99 via Fanatical ( Expired )


    For those interested

    Note, game(s) will require a Steam account to play/activate.
    • Kingslayer Bundle 2 [fanatical.com] (PC Digital Download)
      • $4.99
        • Includes
          • Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-
          • GRID
          • Duke Nukem Forever
          • Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC
          • Duke Nukem Forever: Hail to the Icons Parody Pack DLC
          • Expeditions: Viking
          • Party Hard 2
          • Party Hard 2 DLC: Alien Butt Form DLC
  • Fanatical: Mystery Mayhem Bundle (PC Digital Download) from $1 ( Expired )

    Brand-new mystery collection of Steam PC games.

    The Mystery Mayhem Bundle includes "A-grade titles alongside great Indie games from well-known publishers and developers including Square Enix, Deep Silver, Codemasters and many more."

    There are five 'Best of 2020' packs potentially hidden inside this bundle.

    Please note: If you buy one bundle of 1-10 games in a single order, you will receive different games. If you purchase multiple bundles, through one or more orders, there's a chance that you will receive duplicate copies of one or more game.

    • 1 Mystery Key $1
    • 2 Mystery Keys $1.89
    • 3 Mystery Keys $2.79
    • 4 Mystery Keys $3.59
    • 5 Mystery Keys $4.39
    • 6 Mystery Keys $4.99
    • 7 Mystery Keys $5.55
    • 8 Mystery Keys $6.09
    • 9 Mystery Keys $6.59
    • 10 Mystery Keys $6.99
  • Life is Strange: Complete Season – $3.79 @ Fanatical (Steam / PC) ( Expired )

    Life is Strange is an award-winning and critically acclaimed episodic adventure game that allows the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future.

    Follow the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior who discovers she can rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price.
    The pair soon find themselves investigating the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber, uncovering a dark side to life in Arcadia Bay. Meanwhile, Max must quickly learn that changing the past can sometimes lead to a devastating future.

  • Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – $0.99 @ Fanatical (PC / Steam) ( Expired )

    Play as two of gaming's most disturbing and realistic criminals; Lynch – a self medicated psychopath - and Kane - a disillusioned and desperate ex-mercenary, in a gritty and brutal crime shooter from IO Interactive. Kane and Lynch face the consequences of their actions when a simple job gone wrong finds them on a desperate and frantic struggle to escape. Experience their fight to survive through the back streets and rooftops of Shanghai's gritty underworld. They can trust no one, not even each other as the cracks begin to appear in Lynch's sanity and Kane's stability.

    Non-stop action in Single Player, online Co-op and Multiplayer. New and unique Fragile Alliance multiplayer game modes provide an experience to suit all criminal minds.

  • Atari Vault 100 Games (PC Download) is back -$1 Fanatical ( Expired )


    3D Tic Tac Toe - 2600
    Adventure - 2600
    Air Sea Battle - 2600
    Asteroids - 2600
    Asteroids - Arcade
    Asteroids Deluxe - Arcade
    Backgammon - 2600
    Basic Math - 2600
    Basketball - 2600
    Black Widow - Arcade
    Blackjack - 2600
    Bowling - 2600
    Brain Games - 2600
    Breakout - 2600
    Canyon Bomber - 2600
    Casino - 2600
    Centipede - 2600
    Centipede - Arcade
    Championship Soccer - 2600
    Checkers - 2600
    Chess - 2600
    Circus Atari - 2600
    Code Breaker - 2600
    Combat - 2600
    Combat 2 - 2600
    Concentration - 2600
    Crystal Castles - 2600
    Crystal Castles - Arcade
    Demons to Diamonds - 2600
    Desert Falcon - 2600
    Dodge-Em 2600
    Double Dunk - 2600
    Fatal Run - 2600
    Flag capture - 2600
    Football - 2600
    Golf - 2600
    Gravitar - 2600
    Gravitar - Arcade
    Hangman - 2600
    Haunted House - 2600
    Homerun - 2600
    Human Cannonball - 2600
    Liberator - Arcade
    Lunar Lander - Arcade
    Major Havoc - Arcade
    Maze Craze - 2600
    Millipede - 2600
    Millipede - Arcade
    Miniature Golf - 2600
    Missile Command - 2600
    Missile Command - Arcade
    Night Driver - 2600
    Off the Wall - 2600
    Outlaw - 2600
    Pong - Arcade
    Quadrun - 2600
    Race - 2600
    Radar Lock - 2600
    RealSports Baseball - 2600
    RealSports Basketball - 2600
    RealSports Boxing - 2600
    RealSports Football - 2600
    RealSports Soccer - 2600
    RealSports Tennis - 2600
    RealSports Volleyball - 2600
    Red Baron - Arcade
    Return to Haunted House - 2600
    Save Mary - 2600
    Secret Quest - 2600
    Sentinel - 2600
    Sky Diver - 2600
    Slot Machine - 2600
    Slot Racers - 2600
    Sword Quest Fireworld - 2600
    Space Duel - Arcade
    Space War - 2600
    Sprint - Arcade
    Sprint Master - 2600
    Star Raiders - 2600
    Starship - 2600
    Steeplechase - 2600
    Stellar Track - 2600
    Street Racer - 2600
    Stunt Cycle - 2600
    Sub Commander - 2600
    Super Baseball - 2600
    Super Breakout - Arcade
    Super Breakout -2600
    Super Football - 2600
    Surround - 2600
    Sword Quest Earthworld - 2600
    Sword Quest Waterworld - 2600
    Tempest - 2600
    Tempest - Arcade
    Video Cube - 2600
    Video Olympics - 2600
    Video Pinball - 2600
    Warlords - 2600
    Warlords - Arcade
    Yars Revenge – 2600
  • Hard Reset Redux – $1.99 @ Fanatical (PC / Steam) ( Expired )

    The acclaimed First-Person Shooter returns fully upgraded, and more beautifully challenging than ever. Hard Reset Redux is a brand new version of the cyberpunk classic that includes all the content of previous editions, and adds new improved gameplay, enhanced visuals and additional content to make this the Definitive Edition of Hard Reset.

    Hard Reset Redux is an action-packed and hardcore single-player shooter which embraces the best qualities that the genre has it offer. It includes over-the-top destruction, loads of enemies, great weapon variety, a challenging campaign and a beautifully realized cyberpunk setting. Having been originally developed to shake-up the shooter scene on PC, Hard Reset now returns to do it again on a new generation of hardware.

  • Hard West – $1.00 @ Fanatical (PC / Steam) ( Expired )


    When a tragic turn of events sets one man down a path of supernatural chaos and revenge, he must brutally hunt down all those who wronged him. Follow Warren on his descent into the darkest recesses of the human soul, and try to survive in a world full of hard choices and even harder consequences.

    Because in this world, death is a constant presence and the black pacts which you make with forces beyond human comprehension will forever haunt all those around you. Journey deeper into the world of Hard West and meet a colorful cast of playable characters whose fates are intimately intertwined with yours.

    Together you will need to make divisive choices to uncover the ultimate plans of the ancient powers at play, as you unravel a deep narrative storyline featuring multiple endings depending on the choices you make during the game.