• Jackbox Party Pack 1-6 Titles On Sale! 45% – 58% off PC/Mac Steam Codes ( Expired )

    Social distancing sucks, but its not so bad when you can play Jackbox with your friends remotely.

    Another Update: In the comments, Daversion mentions that if you go to the Jackbox [jackboxgames.com] website and use the promo code REMOTEPLAY you can save an additional 20% off its discounted price to save even more. Thank you -Fortius- and Daversion for your contributions.

    If you go to:

    With the promocode: REMOTEPLAY you will get an additional 20% off

    Drawful 2 - Free
    Jackbox Party Pack for Mac/PC is $10.00
    Jackbox Party Pack 2 for Mac/PC is $10.00
    Jackbox Party Pack 3 for Mac/PC is $13.00
    Jackbox Party Pack 4 for Mac/PC is $13.00
    Jackbox Party Pack 5 for Mac/ PC is $15.59
    Jackbox Party Pack 6 for Mac/PC is $16.79
    Fibbage Standalone game is $4.00
    Quiplash for Mac/PC is $4.00
    YDKJ Classic pack is $8.00

    Once you get the code from the Jackbox site, go to your Steam Account under "Library" on the bottom there's a button "Add a Game" then "Activate a Product on Steam." Hit next, I agree, paste the activation code hit next and finish.

    Guides for Playing Remotely

    Only one person needs the game. I personally stream off of Discord with my friends for free. You can do it off zoom or google hangouts. The process is pretty simple. You can find out how to do it here. [jackboxgames.com]

    If you're going the Discord (Free) route, once you've installed the app on your computer. (Have your game up and ready and streaming, if they use Discord through a web browser it will lag and be blurry so its better if they have the app.)
    Use this guide to send to your friends:
    Step 1 - Download Discord app to your computer: https://discordapp.com/download
    Step 2 - Create a new account and verify by your email.
    Step 3 - Click on the + sign on the left which is "Add a Server" then choose "Join a Server"
    Step 4 - Copy and Paste Then hit "Join."
    Step 5 - Double click on that says "LIVE" in the General Voice Channel and you should be able to see the stream.
    Step 6 - Open up a new browser window and go to Jackbox.tv and enter the room code of the game that we're playing and that's it! No phones. Lower the volume in-game so you can actually hear your friends.

    If you're going the paid Zoom account method, just let your friends/family know that if they download the free Zoom account, they won't be disconnected after 40 minutes as long as you're hosting and your account is a paid Zoom account.

    Stay safe everybody!