• AMEX Deal with WineInsiders.com — $20 off $50 purchase, coupon code for $25 off plus FS ( Expired )

    I was browsing my AMEX account and noticed a WineInsiders promotion for $20 back with $50 purchase, which is the most generous wine-related one I've seen. I checked out the site, and they have free shipping with purchase of six bottles. My Honey app found a $25 off coupon using the code GET25.

    I picked six bottles, came out to $78 before tax. GET25 brought it down to $53, tax (Maryland) brought it back up to $58 shipped. With $20 back from AMEX, that's $38 for six bottles, which averages to $6.33/bottle. I bought 5 French wines and 1 California, mix of white and red.

    A little over $6/bottle for decent wine is an excellent price. Granted, these aren't Grand Cru or anything, but at worst, it's casual drinking wine for a very good price.

    AMEX promo expires in 5 days, which would be 5/18. Santé!