DOOM – $4.39 @ CDKeys (PC / Steam)

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DOOM returned in 2016 in a high-note. The legendary franchise who had been sleeping for years back then was put in great hands, and DOOM 2016 is one of the best FPS around for its single-player campaign. Slaying demons is EXTREMELY satisfying thanks to fast-paced gameplay, smooth glory kills and finely-tuned gunplay.

DOOM also features an upgrade system that allows you to improve your health, armor and weapons. Those upgrades, especially for the weapons, are essential - after all, they make killing demons even better. These upgrades are available through levels, encouraging exploration by the player in order to further improve their character levels, and there's also plenty of easter eggs around.

Graphically and on the sound-side of things, DOOM doesn't disappoint either. Using the Vulkan API to deliver a most optimized experience, the Mars landscape is incredibly atmospheric, and it's clear that the new idSoftware know what they're doing when it comes to textures and sound mixing, making the bombastic soundtrack blend perfectly with levels and battles, bringing the epicness to every enemy encounter.

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