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Invisible Fences Kindle Edition
by Norman Prentiss
Bram Stoker Award-winner for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction
published by Cemetery Dance

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Editorial Reviews

"Cemetery Dance's short novel program yields another gem with this sobering story about the imaginary barriers of fear we place around our life circumstances as we grow up... Carefully crafted prose... a lucid reflection on life's inevitable burden of fear and fractured memory." -- Booklist

"Beautiful, creepy, and haunting. A dark literary gem from an exciting new voice in the horror field." -- Douglas Clegg, New York Times bestselling author

"Prentiss writes with an assured voice, weaving a tale of building disquiet. . . Invisible Fences is dark and atmospheric, a quick read that lingers long after the final sentence is read. It marks another excellent entry in the Cemetery Dance library, and an impressive debut for its author." -- Blu Gilliand, Dark Scribe Magazine

"Prentiss handles a story that could have been melodramatic or slight and instead infuses it with a quiet dignity and an admirable style. If you're missing the work of the late Charles E. Grant, you'll find what you're looking for here." -- Richard Dansky, Green Man Review

"Beautifully composed and rich in symbolism, Invisible Fences leaves the reader considering the boundaries--safe and not so safe--that we impose upon ourselves ... and on others. Prentiss's story will be talked about for years." -- Tim Lebbon, New York Times bestselling author

"Norman Prentiss is a multi-faceted writer and Invisible Fences is a multi-faceted work of fiction. Part nostalgic coming of age saga, part ghost story, part psychological puzzle, part metaphorical fantasy. Add it up to 100% originality and sheer reading entertainment... I sincerely believe that it will be one of the most talked about--and critically praised--books in the horror field. " -- Mark Sieber,

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