FREE Skylum Aurora HDR 2018 or 2019* Software for Photo Editing

( Expired )
With the recent posts on Luminar 4 for free (for fujifilm owners) i was on the fence about Aurora HDR.

Came across this free offer at amateurphotographer []:

Use this link:
(This offer is available until 29 May 2020. You will need to confirm your email address in order to get a second email with the download links and code)

For those who might not be aware, HDR allows you to combine multiple exposures of the same image (bracketing shots) to create a photo with higher dynamic range to work with.

This is an older version of the more recent 2019.

And those who work @ Apple (or know someone) here's a better deal i found:

Enjoy everyone!

Thanks amateurphotographer!

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