Game Pass Ultimate (Microsoft Rewards) – 1 Month 8,400 points, 3 Month 24,500 points

( Expired )
Microsoft Rewards (Bing Rewards) has Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on discount right now. These were normally 12,000 for 1 month and 35,000 for 3 months so this is a big discount if you have a lot of Microsoft rewards available. Obviously still not as good the old Xbox Live deals that used to be around 22,000 for one year of XBL but those have been gone for a while and this is Gamepass Ultimate not just XBL. Prices listed are for those with level 2 discounts (as are the normal prices I listed).

1 Month:

3 Month:
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Limit of 1 (of each) per account.

*** Per user firerock31: Turn of auto-bill before redeeming each code and you'll get a free month for each one if you reactivate it during redemption, making this potentially 6 months for 35,900 points ***

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