Glad ForceFlexPlus 30 Gallon Trash Bags, 25 count — 3 packs for $11

( Expired )
Amazon has a $10 coupon on certain household products, including these high-end trash bags. Put 3 in your cart and the $10 comes off. At checkout you can convert this to a "subscribe and save" order for an additional 5% off. If you're targeted for the AMEX 20% off, you can also use that. If you want to use your existing gift card balance with the AMEX 20% off, first buy a $1 Amazon digital gift card and apply it to your order: this will "unlock" for entire gift card balance.

If you don't need so many trash bags, click on the other items that qualify for the "buy 3, get $10 off" promo. I bought a tub of the Cascade Platinum dishwasher tabs and then 2 of the trash bags.

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