Hertz – Healthcare Workers Free Month-long rentals NY

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Hertz is offering healthcare workers in New York City a free, month-long vehicle rental* through April 30.

Book for as little as a week – or up to a month. To take advantage, you'll need a valid medical ID, email address with healthcare domain, and driver's license.

<a href="https://cj.dotomi.com/e381shqp7/hot/66E8B8EE/99DADA5/5/5/5?t=oD3y=Qwy0SvUTR0xUMMzvULzORvNSzUwUvzMLLdio&FC6=2EEAD%OV%Na%NaAFw.z7v36D.2zCEK.x97%Naczv6E2xvCzc989C<<2EEAD://HHH.yAw96GH.8zE:TL/x63x5-PPTQTQL-MMUOROUU<<b<2EEAD://D63x5yzv6D.8zE/0/MOUPLUMQ-2zCEK-2zv6E2xvCz-H9C5zCD-0Czz-798E2-6981-Cz8Ev6D-8J<<M<M<L<Lhttps://pub.emails.hertz.com/HealthcareHonor

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