High Brew Cold Brew Coffee, 12 pack, 8 oz. cans, as low as $8.04 on Amazon

( Expired )
Amazon has 50% off coupon on 3 flavors of 12 packs of High Brew Cold Brew Coffee (8 oz.. cans). With coupon & 15% S&S, final price is $8.04 (about $10.25 at 5% level). Link is for Black & Bold (no sugar). Mexican Vanilla and Double Espresso are also available. Links to those are on the product page for the Black & Bold variety.

NOTE: Base price for these is $22.98. Clip the 50% coupon near top of product page which reduces the price to $11.49. 15% S&S discount is an additional $3.45, which brings total to $8.04. At 5% S&S level discount would be $1.15, making the total $10.35.

NOTE 2: Coupon is one time use only.


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