Lodge Silicone Cast Slip-On Handle Cover (ASHH41MPK) RED COLOR ONLY – $3.49 (free shipping with Amazon Prime)

( Expired )
Lodge ASHH41MPK Hot Holder-Red Heat Protecting Silicone Cast Iron Skillets with Keyhole Handle, 5-5/8" L x 2" W

RED COLOR ONLY is down to $3.49 (less than Amazon Basics cost of $3.95). Free shipping with Prime.

$1 Digital Item discount eligible

These are really wonderful, and work well. Have one and have been on the lookout for a deal. Normal price (as evidenced by other colors) is in the range of $5 - $7.

Only downside is this will discolor over time if you leave it on and use the cast iron in the oven (which Lodge notes it's not intended to be used that way).


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