March’s Audible 2-for-free, paying members only, all-at-once-FREE for preorder until end of February

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(I'm using a template from my November post, because it explains what I'm doing.)

Sometimes Audible rewards paying members who are paying attention with not only the choice of two free audiobooks every member gets, but also a brief chance to preorder several of the same audiobooks that will be part of next month's choose-two offer. If you preorder these (for free), you'll own them when the choose-two deal goes live, and you can choose from the others without losing these.

When you order anything from this deal, make _sure_ you're not spending a credit, and not paying money, and please don't make one of these your "one free credit" when you sign up for the first time (spend that on a big book you've always wanted). This one's free _after_ you sign up.

Let's keep this up to date and see how many we get. This month I start the list with only one book... And time's very short, so please everyone help look out.

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