Microsoft Rewards Members: $5 Xbox Gift Cards (Digital Code) 4000 Points (Acct + Points Required)

( Expired )
Microsoft Rewards via [] is offering a 20% Discount on select Xbox Gift Cards (Digital Codes) listed below valid for Microsoft Rewards Members. Note, you must acquire points in your account to obtain these digital codes. Earning points is free (sign up here []).

This is the first worthy Microsoft Rewards deal in several months. The last gift card sale was around July last year. The lowest points conversion I have seen is around 3500 or 3750 for $5 from what I remember.

Deal valid until Feb 12th or until supplies run out. Last time, the Microsoft gift cards ran out early.

Gift cards are direct-deposit to the account that redeems them and expire after 90 days.

Available options:
$5 Xbox Gift Card [] (Digital Code) 4,000 Microsoft Points
$10 Xbox Gift Card [] (Digital Code) 8,000 Microsoft Points

Get an Xbox Gift Card to buy games, movies, devices, and more at Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and on Xbox.

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