Microsoft Store: The Division 2 (Gold Edition), Hitman 2 (Gold Edition) $25 USD [Xbox Live Gold Membership required]

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Don't know who might be interested in this, but Hitman 2 and The Division 2 gold editions are on sale right now on the Xbox Store for $25 (75% discount, normally $99). The gold editions include all the DLC thus far released for the games: 8 new missions + 3 new specializations (and cosmetics) for The Division 2, and 2 new locations + missions (and other accoutrements) for Hitman 2.

In my opinion, for games such as Assassin's Creed and Hitman which are mainly/only campaign, it's more beneficial to wait a year or so for the gold/ultimate edition to go on sale. I enjoyed how much detail there was in Hitman 1, and the reviews for Hitman 2 suggest it only improves on the first one. I was holding out because I hoped they were going to release the individual missions for free over the year like they did with Hitman 1, but that's not the case.

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