Nest Wifi 2 Router Pack for $239 (NOT THE ROUTER AND POINT 2 PACK)

( Expired )
Amazon has the Nest WiFi router 2-pack for $239.

Store: Amazon

NOTE: This is for 2 routers and not the Router and Point 2 pack. Both units are at AC2200 instead of the Point at AC1200 which can be cheaper but slower internet speeds.


This deal is for 2 WiFi Routers, which is different from 1 WiFi Router and 1 WiFi Points. The Routers allows hard-wiring Ethernet which the Points lack. The Routers also don't have the Google Assistant speaker built in like the Points do.

he older generation 3 pack mesh WiFi has three identical looking pucks, each at AC1200 speed and each with an ethernet port on it. Total coverage is 4,500 SF, with each covering 1,500 SF. You use the Google WiFi app, and there is no smart assistant, microphone, or speaker.

This particular 2 pack has two identical looking units, each at AC2200 speed and each with an ethernet port on it. Total coverage is 4,400 SF, with each covering 2,200 SF. You use the Google Home app, and this particular 2-pack has no smart assistant, microphone, or speaker either. However, if you were to buy a different set of Nest WiFi units that contain 1,600 SF satellite units (Amazon doesn't have them because they're a direct competitor with Amazon's echo units), or you were to add them on at a later date, those satellite units would have a smart assistant, microphone, speaker, and no ethernet port.

If you buy Google Wifi, or this particular Nest WiFi two pack, you have the choice of wireless backhaul (which will result in a reduction in speed for all but the unit directly plugged into the modem), or wired backhaul (run CAT-6 between the units and get the full speed out of each unit,). If you add a satellite unit onto Google Nest WiFi, there's no Ethernet port so you can only use wireless backhaul to those.

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