Nordic Ware Microwave 2 Cavity Egg Poacher $2.17 on Amazon

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available at walmart or amazon for 2.17. I just happened to search "nordicware" to see what came up, because I am in love with their single pod egg and muffin thing. this looks essentially the same except 2 at a time, reviews said you can scramble the eggs like in the single egg cooker. went frontpage but expired but when i clicked the links, they were both back in stock at 2.17. gonna try it out

for reference target has the single egg thing for 3.49 online or 4.99 in store:

love this product. for the single pod, 57 seconds works best in my microwave. i don't like poached but if you do poached make sure to add a bit of water and pierce yoke cause it might explode

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