Penn Spinfisher VI Fishing Reel and Rod Combos – $135.99 and up

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Penn Spinfisher VI Combos are at their historic low on Amazon. At around a 20-24% discount, it's not crazy low, but this is the lowest they have ever been. They are pretty heavy, but nothing at this price point compares with their ability to take a splash/drop in saltwater. The rods in the combos are about a half power stronger than average from most manufacturers. I would not recommend above a Medium (3/8-1 oz. lure) for most inshore, non-surf fishing:

5500-7'- Medium Heavy - 1pcs: $167.99
5500-8'- Medium Heavy - 2pcs: $167.99
6500-6'6"'- Medium - 1pcs: $183.99
6500ll-7'- Medium Heavy - 1pcs: $199.99
2500-7'- Medium Light - 1pcs: $135.99
4500ll-7'- Medium - 1pcs: $161.22
6500-10'- Heavy - 2pcs: $174.22

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