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  • 75% of critics recommend it according to OpenCritic
  • Winner of four Game of the Year Awards
  • Supports Remote Play on TV
  • Main campaign averages 17 hours to be beaten according to HLTB
  • Current best price

Prey is certainly an interesting franchise. After a number of issues in the early 10s with a possible sequel to the original Prey game released back in 2006, the franchise was on hold, until Arkane Studios, from Dishonored fame, came and put their reputation on the line by taking on a franchise that had so much potential. The result, however, was a different title from the original Prey, but still, one of the best immersive FPS released in the last decade.

The game puts players on Talos I, a research facility that studies an alien species called "Typhon". You will have to explore the base in order to discover what happened, after the player receives a distressing call announcing that the worst happened. The game works on a open-world format, allowing you to go back to an already explored place as you feel you need to, but be aware, that new dangers can be expecting you there. To survive in the facility, players will need to collect resources, get better weapons and find Neuromods, which allows you to use special abilities or improve your skills, as they fit in your gameplay style. Prey also allows you to shape your ending as the choices you do will matter in the end.

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