Rachio 8 Zone Smart Sprinkler (2nd Gen) $.01 or Free at Home Depot – Extreme YMMV

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Let me preface this post by saying I don't envision this will be duplicated whatsoever, but I was lucky enough so figured I'd post. If nothing else it will be a good story to share.

I went to a local HD in search of the clearanced 2 pack Nest Cams for $87, unfortunately they were only clearanced to $261. But, while there I figured I'd hit the clearance end caps as I always do when I make a trip to HD. To my surprise, found 2 Rachios with a $50 clearance tag on them. Figured I'd snag them for gifts or possible $ makers since I knew $50 was a solid deal. Took them to self checkout and lo and behold they rang up as a penny. I had seen these types of deals posted when an item is removed from their system, but was never lucky enough to find myself. The sales associate noticed this while they were removing the security spider and told me not to scan my card. Figured the jig was up and she was going to say they were no longer in the system and would not be able to let me buy them. Instead she said that their policy is that the responsible department is supposed to pull items when they are removed from the system and hit $.01, if they don't and the customer gets to it first they are allowed to take them for free. Rightly so, this blew my mind since I have read countless stories of people being rejected when trying to buy one of these penny items. She undid the spider and handed me the items and I walked out. Obviously I don't have a receipt as these are not returnable, but FWIW, I included a photo of them both with the clearance tag.

TLDR: Item rang up for $.01 since it wasn't in the system, associate said I could have them for free.


For reference: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Rachi.../207015682

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