Rainbow Six: Siege – $7.04 @ Green Man Gaming (PC / Digital Download)

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Tom Clancy's: Rainbow Six: Siege is the latest Rainbow Six game and takes the franchise in a whole different direction than previous titles. Instead of tactical single-player missions, now Siege focus in multiplayer action, with it main mode putting two teams, each with five players, fighting for map control, objectives, and kills.

Siege takes the tactical side of things to a next level compared to other esports titles. Players can improvise defenses, use gadgets in order to obtain advantages, destroy walls in order to surprise their opponents and more as each character, known as Operators, have their own set of skills.

Talking about Operators, the game feature over 20 of them, each one with their own set of skills and while all of them can shine at any situation, making the right choice will definitely help you during specific situations. The Standard Edition includes 20 unlockable operators.


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