Samsung – Galaxy Book Flex Alpha 2-in-1 13.3″ Touch-Screen Laptop – 8GB Memory – 256GB SSD $749.99 Best Buy Free shipping or curbside pickup $750

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Samsung - Galaxy Book Flex Alpha 2-in-1 13.3" QLED Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 256GB SSD

$849.99-$100= $749.99 for the Ice Comet core i5/8gb/256gb version at Best Buy

$999.99-$100= $899.99 for the core i7/12GB/512GB version

Intel i5-10210U (or i7-10510U)
360° flip-and-fold design
Intel® UHD Graphics
Weighs 2.62 lbs. and measures 0.5" thin (actually 0.55")
4-cell lithium-ion battery.
HDMI output
Supports microSD memory card formats.
Backlit keyboard
Built-in fingerprint reader

So I admit, this is not a smoking Hot Deal. However, this is a new laptop that just got released this month, and considering that so far I only see it available at best Buy or, $100 off is not bad considering many consider even at $850 it is a decent value. It is cheaper than even Samsung EPP pricing. It is almost identical to the regular Book Flex except it lacks the pen (and pen slot but is pen compatible), the wirelesss powershare on the trackpad, has a smaller battery (but still good battery life), has 1 USB-C (TB3) and 2 USB-A instead of 3 USB-C (I personally would prefer having USB-A with USB-C). The Alpha also uses Intel Ice Comet instead of Icy Lake processor on the more expensive regular Flex.

I believe the memory is soldered but the SSD is replaceable (only 1 article mentioned this and it was a pretty early article before the actual product was released).

The lack of a "true" legitimate review is making it hard for me to pull the trigger. the only reviews are from best Buy, and most of those seem unreliable (best Buy customer reviews are not exactly from "knowledgeable computer people".
For example, one reviewer states lack of Thunderbolt 3 but Samsung website clearly states Thunderbolt port (as well as other release articles).

Another reviewer states that USB-C charging is only with a Samsung charger. samsung website clearly states that there is USB-C charhing and doesn't stipulate whether a Samsung charger is required. I wonder if the reviewer is clueless and doesn't have a PD charger with at least 45w or if this is like a Samsung Note10 that requires not only PD 45w but also PPS which is not found in many PD chargers at this time. This is probably my biggest question mark now. I refuse to buy any laptop that doesn't support a regular PD 45w charger.

I recently bought an LG Gram 13 touchscreen at Costco for $700, but I am tempted to return and get this for $50 more to have a true 2 in 1 at the expense of half a pound. However, the Alpha is a little bit thinner and in my opinion looks sleeker. To be fair, the LG gram 2 in 1 is 2.4 lbs which closes the gap even more but is more expensive.

if anyone has this laptop please comment, especially the usb-c charging.

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