Samsung S10e 128GB $249.84 ($10.41 per month) + 40 Activation Fee @ Best Buy with $300 instant credit and $8.34 monthly bill credits from Verizon

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My dad's S7 has been growing long in the tooth, it still works, but it's not the best. I have been keeping my eye out for a decent deal on an S10e for two reasons.

1. My dad doesn't like the curved screen and he is hard on his phones, so the flat screen is less likely to shatter if dropped.

2. My dad doesn't like the larger size of the regular S10 or the plus versions, so the S10e is perfect for him.

None of us like the bill credits from verizon, but honestly, we aren't planning to change carriers as they are the best in our area... and I've read online that their bill credits do continue as long as the line remains open and as long as you are paying the monthly charge for the phone.

It used to be that if your phone broke and you had to change your phone out on the line that the bill credits instantly stopped. If you so much as put your sim card into another phone, they stopped. But it sounds like that policy has changed from what I read today... But I would want confirmation on this... Anyone have recent experience with this???

Anyway, for what it's worth, it seemed like the best deal on an S10e that I've seen since summer when it was $350 outright for a short time...

Total Cost

749.99 - 300 Best Buy Credit = 449.99 (This is what you would pay if you cancelled service immediately)
449.99 - ($8.34 per month) for as long as you keep the line open with Verizon = 249.84 after 24 months
+ 40 Activation Fee (YMMV but some have gotten these fees waived with a phone call)

= 289.84 + Tax on $249.84 billed via Verizon

Hope this helps someone.

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