Seachem Stability Fish Tank Stabilizer – For Freshwater and Marine Aquariums 500 ml $8.72

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This is my first attempt at posting a deal, and it's from a mobile. Please bare with me. :/. (I am so lost, cant figure out how to edit title and add photo)

Bought this a year ago for $15. Now $8.72 FS w/ prime


Stability will rapidly and safely establish the aquarium biofilter in freshwater and marine systems, thereby preventing the #1 cause of fish death: " new tank syndrome". Stability is formulated specifically for the aquarium and contains a synergistic blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which facilitate the breakdown of waste organics, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. The bacteria employed by Stability are non sulfur fixing and will not produce toxic hyrodogen sulfide.

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