Sheba Perfect Portions Paté Wet Cat Food Tray Variety Packs 3 x 36 (2.6 oz. Twin Pack Trays). 108 twin packs for $34.37 or less with S&S

( Expired )
Amazon had a multi buy discount of $10 when you purchase 3 of the 36 count (2.6 oz twin pack trays). They are $14.79 each so it is $34.37 after the $10. Mine came out to $29.93 after Subscribe and Save. This beats the deal last month by a few cents per tray. I feed this to my formerly feral cat that will eat anything(he loves it) . My other cat is not fond of pate...

It is the: Savory Chicken/Delicate Salmon/Roasted Turkey Entrée | Size: 36 (2.6 oz. Twin Pack Trays)
Last time people questioned how many you would receive and I can confirm that I did receive the correct total amount of trays but they came packaged as 18 packs (so 2 of the 18 packs for each 36 pack I ordered)
Remember that you have to add 3 to cart or 3 to S&S order to see the discount in the cart.

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