Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition – $2.79 @ Fanatical (PC / Steam)

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Unfairly compared to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Sleeping Dogs is a third-person open-world action adventure game set in Hong Kong, and instead of most games in its genre, guns take a back seat and melee fighting takes the central spot instead. Be ready to embark in a story that instantly remember us of Asian action moves, tight combat that can be further upgraded, a living world, an insanely good soundtrack and much more.

So, let's start digging Sleeping Dogs by its gameplay. It's a third-person game, where you can freely explore HK either walking or driving a car, and as you doo, events, activities and optional missions will be brought up to you. Help a stranger, be part of an illegal race, work on a case with one of your cop friends and more. When you're on a main story mission, it's pretty standard stuff: watch a cutscene, complete a set of objectives, including driving to a determined place or fight an amount of goons. It's smooth sailing and the game's story is really enjoyable (just like everything else on it).

Now, the combat itself deserves some special attention. You can use fire guns, but they are rare and sparse (at least until late-game), so most of fights will be hand-to-hand. Punch, kick, use insane kung-fu moves and all that. Beating up enemies with combos is very satisfying, and you can unlock moves optionally, allowing for an even deeper combat system. You can also use objects, like knifes, and the environment: throw your enemies through vents, break a fish tank by beating someone's head on it and more.

Sleeping Dogs also features an incredible soundtrack, featuring catchy songs and atmospheric tracks. With various radio stations available for you in-game, you will surely get a couple of songs to add to your personal playlist from the game. On the graphical department, SD's Hong Kong also impresses, with its nights being remarkably beautiful.

The Definitive Edition of Sleeping Dogs comes with all released DLCs, including the story-driven expansion packs: Year of the Snake, Nightmare in North Point, Zodiac Tournament Pack. The first two averaging two hours of new content each, and the latter adding a new tournament based on 80s movies in which you will be fighting against a number of challenges to prove yourself as a master. Besides that, the Definitive Edition brings new character models, improved textures and lightning as well as more cards and NPCs in the streets of Hong Kong.

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