SYLVANIA SMART+ ZigBee Full Color Accent Light Starter Kit, Works with SmartThings and Amazon Echo Plus $24

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Outdoor garden lights with the controller

A compatible zigbee hub, such as SmartThings (device handler required) or Amazon Echo Plus is required to control your accent light starter kit with these expansion lights.
Wet-rated for outdoor use. Starter kit containspower supply, control module, and 9 accent lights for up to 14 feet of total coverage.
Choose from over 16 million available colors to decorate your outdoor space. Create a colorful light scene for holidays and parties, dim the lights, or shut them on and off right from your smartphone.
Use the stakes for mounting in areas such as garden beds, walkways, and driveways. Alternately, you can remove the stakes and use the adhesive mounting tape attached to each light to hang or stick to other areas.
Expand your accent lights with expansion kits, sold separately. Maximum suggested length is 28 total feet (3 expansion kits).

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