Synology DS218+ $239.19 (+$30 in Rakuten Points YMMV)

( Expired )
Rakuten has a 20% site wide coupon that can be used on anything on their site with a max discount of $60. The Synology is $298.99 sold by Adorama. The coupon takes off $59.80 to bring the drive down to $239.19. Plus, during checkout it says get $30 in Rakuten points if using a MasterCard. I didn't see any stipulations about combing that with coupon, so it should work if using a MasterCard. Brings the drive down to $209 if you count points. Solid deal for a 218+, possibly cheapest ever. This was a fire frontpage at Amazon earlier in the year for $250. Only 14 left at the time of writing this. Coupon is THANKS20.

this coupon can also be used for other synology items, but $300 is the sweet spot for maximum discount percentage.

They seem to have gotten more in.

If this one sells out, there are a few more options for like $22 more that still comes out ahead. Also the ds218 play and ds218 are good values depending on your needs.

Ds218play for $179.

Ds218 for $216.

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