T-Mobile (Tuesday) is Giving Customers Free YouTube Premium for 2 Months

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As the country continues to deal with COVID-19, T-Mobile continues to offer its customers new benefits. From increasing most customers to unlimited data, to launching the new Connect plan for $15 [droid-life.com], T-Mobile has offered a number of changes and options. Today, they are adding yet another freebie: free YouTube Premium for 2 months through T-Mobile Tuesdays [t-mobile.com].

Starting tomorrow, March 24, T-Mobile is giving its customers access to YouTube's ad-free tier. With YouTube Premium, you'll not only have zero ads, you'll get access to YouTube Music Premium, video/audio background playing, offline playback, and downloads. It normally costs $11.99/mo.

To claim, all you have to do is hit that link below to install the T-Mobile Tuesdays app [t-mobile.com] on your phone. The promo will go live on March 24. You'll be able to save the offer (do it before April 21) and then decide when you want to redeem it (you have until May 1). Once the free 2 months are up, you'll be charged $11.99/mo unless you cancel, so keep that in mind.

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