Tracfone Prepaid Smartphone Plan, 1 year w/ 1200 Min, 1200 Txt & 3GB Data $45

This "limited-time eBay-only" deal has been $40 in the past, but still a great deal. A year of service and 3GB data for $45. 1200 minutes and 1200 texts too.

$49.99 minus 10% off with code POWERTEN on eBay:

Yes, this is the total that you get for a year. No, you don't get 3GB data every month. This is for light users. If you need additional data, you can get top-up pins that add 1GB for $10. You can get Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile service.

The great thing about Tracfone is that the data, minutes, and texts carry over as long as you have the line active. So if your usage is sporadic (some months when you don't need it, and then a month when you're traveling and need the service), this is for you. We use it to have Verizon service when we're traveling.

If you also need a phone, the Moto e5 is a great choice. $64 on eBay with the coupon:

Comes with a year of service but only 1200MB data.

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