[VUDU] UHD 4K Film and FIlm Bundle Thanksgiving Sales $4.99

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VUDU [vudu.com] has the following 43 UHD 4K movies on sale for $4.99. Along with some film bundle sales [vudu.com]. Movies below marked as [MA] refer to those that are Movies Anywhere compatible:

$4.99 UHD 4K:
2012 [vudu.com] [MA]
Annihilation [vudu.com]
Blair Witch [vudu.com]
Dirty Grandpa [vudu.com]
Divergent [vudu.com]
Dredd [vudu.com]
Early Man [vudu.com]
Ender's Game [vudu.com]
Escape Plan [vudu.com]
Ferdinand [vudu.com] [MA]
Hidden Figures [vudu.com] [MA]
Hitch [vudu.com] [MA]
Jigsaw [vudu.com]
Kick Ass [vudu.com]
Kin [vudu.com]
Law Abiding Citizen [vudu.com]
Love, Simon [vudu.com] [MA]
Maze Runner: The Death Cure [vudu.com] [MA]
Mrs. Doubtfire [vudu.com] [MA]
Murder on the Orient Express [vudu.com] [MA]
Now You See Me [vudu.com]
Now You See Me 2 [vudu.com]
Patriots Day [vudu.com]
Rambo [vudu.com]
Rambo: First Blood [vudu.com]
Red [vudu.com]
Red 2 [vudu.com]
Sherlock Gnomes [vudu.com]
Sherlock Holmes [vudu.com] [MA]
The Cabin in the Woods [vudu.com]
The Conjuring [vudu.com] [MA]
The Divergent Series: Insurgent [vudu.com]
The Evil Dead (1983) [vudu.com]
The Expendables [vudu.com]
The Expendables 2 [vudu.com]
The Expendables 3 [vudu.com]
The Glass Castle [vudu.com]
The Legend of Tarzan [vudu.com] [MA]
The Lincoln Lawyer [vudu.com]
The Martian [vudu.com] [MA]
The Martian: Extended Edition [vudu.com] [MA]
The Peanuts Movie [vudu.com] [MA]
​War for the Planet of the Apes [vudu.com] [MA]

UHD 4K Film Bundles <$10:
Now You See Me Double Feature Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $6.99
Red and Red 2 Double Feature Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $6.99
Hell or High Water / Sicario Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $8.99
Baywatch Theatrical/Extended Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $9.99
Escape Plan Triple Feature Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $9.99
San Andreas / Into the Storm Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $9.99 [MA]
The Spy Who Dumped Me / The Hitman's Bodyguard Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $9.99

UHD 4K Film Bundles - Other:
Jack Reacher Double Feature Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $11.99
The Divergent Series Triple Feature Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $14.99
The Hunger Games Complete 4 Film Collection Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $17.99
Twilight The Complete Saga (5-Film) Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $19.99
Die Hard 5 Movie Collection Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $24.99 [MA]
Bumblebee/Transformers 6 Movie Collection Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $39.99
Mission Impossible 6 Movie Collection Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $44.99
Harry Potter Complete 8 Film Collection Bundle [UHD] [vudu.com] - $65.99 [MA]


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