Walmart Space Heater Clearance – online and B&M (Various Prices) – Honeywell Heat Genius $42 $42.89

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Cold weather here in W Washington so went looking for a heater to pickup. Walmart had a bunch on clearance and available for pickup. Prices seem to be cheaper online than in store.

Ordered Mainstay Tower (Walmart []| Brickseek []) for pickup, BS shows instore price of $89 while Website shows $44

While there i found Honeywell Heat Genius ( Walmart []| Brickseek []) Priced in store at $77 but they priced matched to $42 listed on site.

Lots of options and quite a few things on sale, I had an immediate need so only focused on what was available for pickup today - might be better deals than what i got.

First real post, so feel free to downvote as needed.

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