Wipes, Nitrile Gloves, Sanitizer – limited Qty’s (YMMV)

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Thought I won't be posting deals...but then seeing the spread of COVID-19 in US (#1 in infections) did some deal hunting to find these for the ones truly in need

Note: Grammar Police, Price Perfectionists, Thread Crappers, and the ones who already have stuff stocked at home - Please let others benefit and keep your comments to yourself

Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Wipes, resealable pack, 168 wipes total [walmart.com] - $6.98
Free delivery on $35+ orders
Pickup not available (atleast in my area)

<a href="https://www.emjcd.com/qt119ox54P/x38/MLTNRSQU/PPTQTQL/L/MLLSLOQPOSUPLPUQQU:dTryJ2OFVNpc/UwMvOxRQR-xzMMzvTLQvLLMPLvMxLzMN?k=xtje=97g3835f7gdf22fbb499bb513fd9916g1JOU&vsm=iuuqt%4B%3G%3Gxxx.xbmhsffot.dpn%3Gtupsf%3Gd%3Gpshbozd-pshbojd-joujnbuf-izhjfof-xfu-xjqft%3GJE%4Eqspe7171438-qspevdu<dkp!xeuv-yqf0ngh<iuuqt://xxx.lr0zgk.dpn:91/dmjdl-5596961-2193786A<<H<iuuqt://tmjdlefbmt.ofu/g/24A52A94-xjqft-ojusjmf-hmpwft-tbojuj0fs-mjnjufe-ruz-t-znnw<AcA6d261-597b-54Ab-9197-229ge4763b84<2<2<1<120 ct ORGANYC Organic Intimate Hygiene Wet Wipes [<a href="https://www.emjcd.com/qt119ox54P/x38/MLTNRSQU/PPTQTQL/L/MLLSLOQPOSUPLPUQQU:dTryJ2OFVNpc/UwMvOxRQR-xzMMzvTLQvLLMPLvMxLzMN?k=xtje=97g3835f7gdf22fbb499bb513fd9916g1JOU&vsm=iuuqt%4B%3G%3Gxxx.xbmhsffot.dpn%3Gtupsf%3Gd%3Gpshbozd-pshbojd-joujnbuf-izhjfof-xfu-xjqft%3GJE%4Eqspe7171438-qspevdu<dkp!xeuv-yqf0ngh<iuuqt://xxx.lr0zgk.dpn:91/dmjdl-5596961-2193786A<<H<iuuqt://tmjdlefbmt.ofu/g/24A52A94-xjqft-ojusjmf-hmpwft-tbojuj0fs-mjnjufe-ruz-t-znnw<AcA6d261-597b-54Ab-9197-229ge4763b84<2<2<1<1walgreens.com] - $2.99
Ship to Store FREE

ScottĀ® Select-A-Size Paper Towel Mega Roll, White, 102 Sheets Per Roll, Pack Of 15 Rolls [officedepot.com] - $27.82
Available for Pickup (atleast in my area) - YMMV

12 count 8oz Medline Spectrum Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel Hand-Pump Bottles [samsclub.com] - $44.96
Free shipping for Plus Members (limited Qty)

100 pk X3 Nitrile Disposable Gloves Medium Blue Powder Free [acehardware.com] - $12.99

Soft Scrub Nitrile Disposable Gloves One Size Fits Most Blue Powder Free 10 pk [acehardware.com] - $3.59

100pk Raven Powder free nitrile disposable glove [autozone.com] - $21.49
Store pickup available (in my area) - YMMV

More gloves at Autozone [autozone.com] - YMMV

Pacific Blue Select Premium 2-Ply Paper Towel Rolls (Previously Branded Signature) by GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific), White, 28000, 350 Feet Per Roll, 12 Rolls Per Case [amazon.com] - $54.63 or less w/S&S
Only 2 left in stock - order soon

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